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Rare operation in Armenia: surgeons removed twin from baby’s body

A rather rare operation was performed in one of Armenia’s hospitals several days ago: the surgeons removed a parasitic twin from the belly of a 2 months old baby...

Armenia banks lower dollar exchange rate

As of Thursday at 11am, USD 1 was purchased at a maximum high of AMD 520…

Armenia government continues adhering to its floating exchange rate policy

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan issued a statement on the current financial market situation in the country…

Gazprom Armenia not yet petitioned for gas price hike – official

The company gets its revenue from the gas consumers in Armenian drams, but pays for the Russian gas supply in US dollars, whose exchange rate has sharply increased in recent days…

Cruel dog fur business in China

Kenyan Parliament Descends Into Chaos As Fight Break Out

Russian man fails in suicide bid after a year without

Meet Libby Lane: The first woman bishop in the history of CoE

17 TONNE TANK gets children to school whatever the weather

University of Edinburgh presents its robotic hand

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