FridayAugust 01
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US sanctions should not affect Armenian subsidiaries of Russian banks

He noted that VTB (Armenia) and Areximbank - Gazprombank Group are under jurisdiction of Armenia, since they are subject to the Armenian law...

Azerbaijan fired at Armenian border village

The locals claim that, although Azerbaijani side fire is not a new thing, but the fire has never been that intensive...

Armenian PM tells ministers its time to report back

He reminded the ministers of expiring 100-day term, after which they will have to brief the public on the moves taken during the first months...

Lavrov: Armenia will become full member of Eurasian Union in the near future

Deepening of close ties with all CIS partners is a key strategic direction of Russia's long-term foreign policy...

Пресс-секретарь Госдепартамента США появилась на брифинге в одном сапоге

Yerevan Mayor's office cuts trees to build recreation area

Students of Oxford University performed hottest hits of Shakira reporters' paragliding experience

Impressions of foreign students from Dilijan summer school and Armenia

Young woman danced striptease for police to avoid fine

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