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Karabakh Defense Army Commander comments on army situation

Karabakh Defense Army Commander comments on army situationApril 11, 2012 | 20:45

The Defense Army Commander of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Movses Hakobyan explained to reporters why so many incidents happen in Yeghnikner Military Station.

“The Officer is busy. The officers in Yeghnikner are on duty night and day and don’t even see their families. Overwork is one of the reasons why the work of the officers has some weak points,” he mentioned, adding that the second reason is illiteracy because the soldier who comes to the army from the society needs serious education.

According to Movses Hakobyan the system should not be criticized because of some law-breaking officers.

“There are criminals, but the position is not criminal. We have no serviceman or officer, who is not being punished for breaking the rules,” he mentioned.

As the Defense Army Commander mentions, there are cases when a soldier prefers suicide to serving in the army.

“It is the result of commanders’ failure when the soldier prefers to die rather than serve,” Movses Hakobyan mentioned.

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