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Fire destroys entire village in Russia

Fire destroys entire village in RussiaApril 21, 2012 | 10:29

A strong fire almost completely burnt down the Russian village of Tigda in the Amur Oblast (administrative territorial division) on Friday.  

The fire destroyed around 200 residential homes and courtyard buildings in just three hours.   

As a result, 120 people—including 28 children—are left homeless.

The firefighters and psychologists are currently working in the village. 

In line with the most recent data, an elderly woman had died by not being able to evacuate her home in time.

According to the media, the fire was caused by a transformer short-circuit in a sawmill, and, because of high-velocity winds, the fire had spread throughout the village.    

The authorities informed that those who suffered will receive compensation, and new homes will be built for them.

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