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Sasun Armenians file lawsuit in Turkey

Sasun Armenians file lawsuit in TurkeyApril 23, 2012 | 16:21

The seventeen Armenians, who left their Acar village in Turkey’s Sasun region in 1986, appealed to the court with a request to receive their village back.    

In their petition filed with the Sasun court, the Armenians noted they had to leave the village in 1986 because of the terrorist operations, and, subsequently, residents of the neighboring villages took possession of their property, Radikal daily of Turkey informs. Also, the Armenians informed that the documents of their properties in the village do exist.       

But the attorney of the Kurds who settled in Acar village noted that the villagers had purchased those lands and buildings. The lawyer claimed there are eyewitnesses to the purchase deal, and they are prepared to give testimony in court.     

The Court gave the parties time until May 4 to submit evidence.

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