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Turkey: apologize, prepare for compensation, mourn for 1915 – Turkish newspaper

14:14, 24.04.2012 Region: Armenia, Turkey Theme: Politics, Analytics

Columnist Ali Topuz of Turkey’s Radikal daily commented on Turkey’s denial of the Armenian Genocide.  

The Turkish journalist noted that it is difficult to speak about 1915, but, also, it is impossible to remain silent.

“There are two ways for easily speaking about 1915: denialism and mourning. Denialism is the road taken by the state. Mourning is chosen by those who do not wish to be accomplices to that crime and do not wish that such crime ever repeats,” Ali Topuz wrote.       

Also, Radikal’s journalist criticized Turkey’s arguments, and noted that the matter will be resolved if Turkey renounces denialism, and announces its readiness to give compensation, make an apology, and mourn.

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