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How is United Armenians Party funded?

How is United Armenians Party funded?April 27, 2012 | 11:36

YEREVAN. – The United Armenians Party (UAP) will have 500 proxies in the same number of election precincts during Armenia’s National Assembly elections to be held on May 6, the Party’s Political Council and Board Chairman Ruben Avagyan stated during a press conference on Friday.  

He gave a positive assessment of the election campaign.

Avagyan believes the elections will be 60-percent fair. He added that the people will decide how many votes the UAP will receive, and that their electorate is those who are tired of the authorities and the opposition alike.   

In response to Armenian News-NEWS.am’s question as to the whereabouts of the Party’s funding and how it carries out its election campaign, Ruben Avagyan noted that they are implementing the campaign by way of mobile headquarters. Also, he informed that there are businessmen among the Party ranks, and that they are carrying out election campaign with the membership fees, too.

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