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Armenian actor and singer wanted to vote for opposition member, but…

00:01, 28.04.2012 Region: Armenia Theme: Politics

YEREVAN. – Armenian singer and actor Arsen Grigoryan was going to vote for opposition Armenian National Congress member Nikol Pashinyan, who is registered in election district number 7, Arsen Grigoryan posted on his Facebook page. On Friday he told Armenian that he found out that he is registered in number 8 not number 7 electoral district.

He mentioned that he wanted to vote for Nikol Pashinyan because of his ideas.

“I was caught by the ideas of Nikol and by the image of Armenia he sees. According to his speeches, I judge that he wants to be the voice of the nation and to promote the issues of the people, to find solutions,” he said mentioning that the ideas count not the persons.

Armenian National Congress (ANC) is an opposition bloc founded in 2008 after presidential elections. During the August 1, 2008, rally in Yerevan the first President of Armenia and ANC leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan announced formation of the bloc. ANC comprises 18 parties and political forces.

ANC proportional list includes 119 names. It has also nominated MP candidates with the majority election system.

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