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Police reveals identity of people dealing with balloon blast causing injuries in Armenian capital (VIDEO)

May 05, 2012 | 18:55

YEREVAN. – Police of Armenia launches proceedings on the balloon blast case in the Republic Square during the Friday rally. As a result of the operative searching works, police revealed all people having dealt with the gas balloons, police informs Armenian An operative-investigating group is established. The investigation body takes some urgent steps on revealing quickly the circumstances and people related to the blast.

As Armenian informed earlier, a tragedy occurred during the Armenian Republican Party political rally and concert held at the capital Yerevan city Republic Square on Friday. Hundreds of balloons filled with gas exploded and started to burn. Subsequently, the balloons’ melted rubber fell on the event participants. Those near the stage were affected the most, and a total of 154 people were injured.

Currently 80 injured are in hospitals, 25 out of them are in resuscitation units. To note, earlier the Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations’ employee Nikolay Grigoryan has informed the RIA Novosti that balloons were filled with helium, while the blast may be due to a burning cigarette.

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