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Turkish PM readies to invest in Armenia – Armenian politician

Turkish PM readies to invest in Armenia – Armenian politicianMay 08, 2012 | 13:57

YEREVAN. – Russia’s newly-elect President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the foreign political doctrine where, however, there is nothing on Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Azerbaijan, New Times Party Chairman Aram Karapetyan said during a press conference on Tuesday.   

“As a result, [on the one hand] we have a Russia, which sits on the sidelines with respect to matters concerning us, and, on the other hand, [we have] an active Turkey, which wants to become OSCE Minsk Group Chair. And we have a well-armed but misbehaving Azerbaijan, and, still, the Iran issue is added to this,” he noted.        

As per Aram Karapetyan, the price for all this is as follows:

“Armenian-Turkish smoothening [of relations], opening borders at any cost, securing Turkish investments to Armenia—starting from Turkey’s purchase of electricity from Armenia to opening of the Russian railways. Including [Turkish PM Recep Tayyip] Erdogan’s promises—which probably will become apparent soon—that he is willing to invest US$ 3-4 billion in Armenia.”

Photo by Sona Barseghyan

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