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Armenia not to have left or right forces, simply ’good’ people - expert

Armenia not to have left or right forces, simply ’good’ people - expertMay 08, 2012 | 14:09

YEREVAN. – In states such as Armenian paternalism is on good demand, while socialism, liberalism is less demanded, political scientist Alexander Iskandaryan said at a press conference on Tuesday.

“People do not read election programs,” the experts said adding the ideal voting offers maturity of political atmosphere.

In addition, Armenia lacks to have ‘lefts’ and ‘rights.’ Asked whether the elections reflect peoples’ disposition, the expert said that direct infringements or other frauds were not among the key violations.

Armenia’s Central Electoral Commission has issued the preliminary results of parliamentary elections. Five parties and one political bloc will be represented in the 131-seat National Assembly (Parliament) of Armenia: Republican Party of Armenia – 44.05% (663,066 votes), Prosperous Armenia Party – 30.20% (454,684 votes), Armenian National Congress – 7.10% (106,910 votes), Heritage Party – 5.79% (87,095 votes), ARF Dashnaktsutyun Party – 5.73% (86, 296 votes), Orinats Yerkir Party – 5.49% (82,690 votes).

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