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Singer accused of murder in Armenia (VIDEO)

May 11, 2012 | 15:04

ASHTARAK. – A murder has occurred in Armenia’s Ashtarak city on Wednesday. As a result, Aram Hovakimyan, 37, who was a currier in the local court, was shot to death. The murder case was revealed on Thursday.

Preliminary data claim that Ruben Hakobyan, an Ashtarak city resident, committed the crime. Armenian source informed that the killer is the Armenian singer known under the name Karen Hakobyan. Hakobyan has turned into police, confessed and presented the pistol. It was cleared out that the dispute between the two men has risen several months ago.

Several days ago the two had met by chance and started to scuffle again, later on Tuesday they had a phone conversation where the victim threatened the singer. They arranged to meet, while several hours later Hovakimyan was already dead.

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