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Bearing history is like repeating it - Tom Morello on Armenian Genocide (VIDEO)

May 17, 2012 | 00:22

Celebrity, guitarist Tom Morello, known as The Nightwatchman, released The World Wide Rebel Tour new project, which is a documentary telling about the musician’s creative life. The project includes 42 versions of the movie created for various countries, including Armenia.

In each series, the musician replies to the questions, selected especially for those states. System of a Down front-man Serj Tankian interviews Morello about Armenia touching upon the issue of the Armenian Genocide recognition.

To note, Morello along with Tankian are the Axis of Justice non-profit organization founders, a movement, which fights for the social justice.

“The cause of exposing the Armenian Genocide is very important because the bearing history is like repeating it. One of the principal goals of the organization is to promote awareness of the Armenian Genocide,” Morello said.

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