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Territorial Administration Ministry website is most transparent – Armenian exper

13:00, 17.05.2012 Region: Armenia Theme: Society, Innovations

YEREVAN. – The Territorial Administration Ministry’s website is the most transparent among Armenia’s state agencies, informs the Committee for the Protection of Freedom of Speech report, which was presented Thursday by its Chairman, Ashot Melikyan.   

A total of 52 websites were monitored. And Armenia’s top-five most transparent state agency websites also include those of the Transport and Communication Ministry, State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition, Education and Science Ministry, and the Central Bank.

The websites’ primary shortcomings are the absence of information on job opportunities, budget spending, and internal and external audits.        

According to the report, the Emergency Situations Ministry and the National Committee of Television and Radio websites are among the least transparent, Melikyan noted. 

As a result of the monitoring, the fifty-percent transparency level was passed solely by the Territorial Administration Ministry (57.2%) and the Prosecutor General’s Office (55.58%) websites.

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