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In 10 years 24 million Chinese will not have partner for marriage

22:14, 28.05.2012 Region: World News Theme: Society, Innovations, Incidents, Culture, Car World

By the end 2015 China must reach a balance between births of boys and girls. The Chinese workshop on fighting against gender imbalance in the number of births in China set such goals,” Voice of Russia reports.

The participants of the workshop discussed the current situation where compared to 100 newborn girls 120-130 boys are born. If the tendencies continue same way, by the 2020, 24 million Chinese men will not be able to find a girl and create a family.

Due to the birth control policy, there is a lack of infant girls in China. Families which are only allowed to have one child choose a boy. Families get rid of girls by abortion or if the girl is born they give it to shelters or leave them on streets. Such incidents continue to grow in China and as a result around a million girls are not being born.

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