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Armenia’s main goal to ensure continuation of statehood – envoy

Armenia’s main goal to ensure continuation of statehood – envoyMay 30, 2012 | 18:06

VILNIUS. – The main aim of a small country like Armenia which does not have any access to sea, is to ensure the continuation of the Third Republic which was established on September 21, 1991, Armenian Ambassador to Lithuania Ara Ayvazyan told DELFI.

“As Napoleon said, geography is a prison. In our case, this is more than true as Armenia is located on the junction point of civilizations and has some historic issues. I mean Turkey, where in 1915 the Armenian Genocide was organized. The issue has not been settled yet. There is a conflict with Azerbaijan. For Armenia it is very important to provide all the conditions so that the Republic, which we established in 1991, will be prosperous and active member of the international community,” the Ambassador said.

Talking about the main goal of the Armenian foreign policy, Ara Ayvazyan stated that Armenia’s main challenge is to provide for national security and the prosperity of the nation.

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