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Why Armenia’s Heritage Party MPs have not received their mandates?

Why Armenia’s Heritage Party MPs have not received their mandates?May 31, 2012 | 14:11

YEREVAN. – From the deputies who entered Armenia’s fifth Parliament, three Heritage Party representatives—Raffi Hovannisian, Zaruhi Postanjyan, and Ruben Hakobyan—have not taken their mandates to date, the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) informed Armenian News-NEWS.am

And Heritage’s Vice-Chairman Ruben Hakobyan told Armenian News-NEWS.am that they will not pick up their mandates prior to the Party’s congress to be held on Saturday.    

To the query as to why Heritage representatives did not receive their mandates, he responded: “The answers to all similar questions will be given after the congress.” 

But Heritage Party list’s two representatives, namely, Khachatur Kokobelyan and Alexander Arzumanyan—who are from the Free Democrats Party—, have picked up their mandates from the CEC.

All other MPs, including the opposition Armenian National Congress National Assembly Faction members, have taken their mandates, too.

To note, Armenia’s law does not set any deadlines for picking up parliamentary mandates.

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