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‘I don’t want wars’: Armenian organizes celebration for children dedicated to Children’s Day (photos)

June 01, 2012 | 10:06

YEREVAN. – On the eve of the International Children’s Day on June 1 Armenian organized a special event for the little ones. The event was organized in the Victory Park in Yerevan (photos).

The day started with a drawing competition on the ground. Around 30 children draw drawings on the theme ‘The world through children’s eyes’.

6 year-old Hakob won the competition. He had drawn the earth and an umbrella protecting it from rain drops.

“I want everything to be fine in the world. I don’t want wars to happen, I want that nobody dies and everybody smiles. I also don’t like rain,” Hakob explains his drawing.

7-year-old Nane drew the logo of Armenian and wrote its slogan ‘Good Morning World’. Her parents stress that they have not told her what to draw.

The drawing competition was followed by games and singing.

The event ended by handing out prizes and presents.

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