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Armenian beauty wins ‘Miss Solidarity’ prize at beauty contest in Turkey (VIDEO, PHOTO)

June 02, 2012 | 00:01

BODRUM. – The Fourth International Beauty and Fashion Contest ‘Miss Seven Continents’ held on May 20-30 in Turkish Bodrum city featured representatives from 20 countries, head of Miss and Mister World League of Beauty and Fashion Ashot Khachatryan told Armenian

The final, where high ranking guests, organizers of international beauty contests, winners of contests in various years were invited, was held on Monday.

The winner of the contest is Miss Tatarstan, followed by the representatives of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Portugal and Lithuania.

In addition, Portuguese beauty won ‘Miss Bikini,’ Kirgizia’s beauty won ‘Miss Talent,’ while Armenia’s beauty, 23-year-old Ani Jaragyan, having also participated in the ‘Miss World League Of Beauty and Fashion 2012’ won ‘Miss Solidarity’ prize, selected among the participants.

Ani, who dances very well, will participate in ‘Miss Tourism International’ in Malaysia.

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