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Shooting is heard in frontier Chinari village, exclusive report (PHOTO)

June 05, 2012 | 11:26

By Edward Arzumanyan

YEREVAN.- Shots in Chinari village of Armenia’s Tavush Region have become commonplace for the residents. Half-jokingly, half seriously the locals say they are worried if do not hear shooting for a day.

“There are houses located 600 meters from the border with Azerbaijan, people tend not to engage in agriculture,” an elderly resident of the village told the Armenian News reporter (photo).

According to him, the adversary tries to target people and animals. Residents say that the situation in Chinari is worse than in other places, here the war is not over. Children say that every time teachers and tutors turn up the music, it means shooting has started.

The building of the kindergarten is located near the border, the school is also nearby. The villagers complain about numerous problems and a lack of attention.

Head of Chinari community Samvel Soghoyan said that the shooting intensified over the last few days. On the night of May 9 the adversary used large-caliber weapons, machine guns. Seventeen houses were partially damaged.

On May 22 a herd of cows was shot, a donkey was killed, calf and sheep were injured. Fortunately, the owner was not injured.

As Armenian informed earlier, an Azerbaijani diversion operation had claimed the lives of three Armenian soldiers and wounded six others — one of whom, an officer —in the early morning hours on Monday.  

The killed soldiers were: Hrach Sargsyan, Zohrab Balabekyan, and Karen Davtyan.

As a result of the taken measures and the Armenian military servicemen’s courageous operations, the diversion advancement was stopped, and the adversary was driven back, giving casualties. 

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