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Turkey trains Azerbaijani saboteurs

Turkey trains Azerbaijani saboteursJune 06, 2012 | 15:28

YEREVAN. – Azerbaijani recent provocations coincided with the visits of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and high ranking military officials from Turkey, expert Artsrun Hovhannisyan said at a press conference on Wednesday.

The expert believes that the Turkish delegation visit in Azerbaijan was shadowed by Clinton’s visit, but it was more important for the military aspect. Hovhannisyan stated that Azerbaijani saboteurs train in Turkey and it not only reveals Turkey’s role in the conflict but also allows speaking about the Armenian-Turkish problem, the expert believes adding many do not want to admit it.

Generally, the world community and first of all partner-organizations of Armenia should strictly condemn the provocative acts by Azerbaijan, Hovhannisyan said.

Early on Tuesday Azerbaijan launched another diversion operation. No casualties or injured reported from the Armenian side, while five servicemen died from the opponent side. 

As a result of another Azerbaijani diversion in the early morning hours on Wednesday, Junior Sergeant Vardan Ohanyan died, while Araik Mavreyan and Volodya Tsartyan were injured.

As Armenian News-NEWS.am informed earlier, an Azerbaijani diversion operation claimed the lives of three Armenian soldiers and wounded six others in the early morning hours on Monday. The killed soldiers are: Hrach Sargsyan, Zohrab Balabekyan, and Karen Davtyan.

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