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What people saw in sky cannot be clearly determined – Armenian expert (VIDEO)

14:39, 08.06.2012 Region: Armenia, Russia, Iran Theme: Analytics, Society

YEREVAN. – What people saw in the sky on Thursday night cannot be clearly determined, but it was very similar to a ballistic missile, military analyst Artsrun Hovhannisyan told Armenian

To note, people living in quite a large area—encompassing between Turkey and Israel—saw a bizarre celestial phenomenon on Thursday at around 9:50pm Armenia time. At first, a cone-like thing appeared in the sky, afterwards there was a flash and a twist, and, subsequently, the light-emanating and ball-shaped object separated into two twisting points and then disappeared.           

As per the analyst, we cannot unequivocally assert this was a Russian or an Iranian missile, especially since no official statement has been released to that effect. 

“It could have been a meteor, or a UFO,” Hovhannisyan maintained. 

According to him, and despite the absence of official information, what was seen is characteristic of a ballistic missile. 

To note, the Russian Defense Ministry on Thursday  successfully launched a ballistic missile from the Astrakhan Oblast (Region) at 9:39 Armenia time.   

And if it turns out that the celestial phenomenon had a terrestrial origin, a question rises: Was this a demonstration of military strength?

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