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Farewell to participants of May 6 election crimes – Armenian MP

17:13, 08.06.2012 Region: Armenia Theme: Politics

YEREVAN. – During 20 years we did not manage to establish a functioning Armenian state, which would serve the national and the citizen’s benefit, which would be the foundation of the return of our compatriots, Heritage parliamentary group member Zaruhi Postanjyan announced.

“During the Parliamentary elections of May 6, 2012, hundreds of Armenian citizens voted for the opposition. The exaggerated results which were published and votes added for other parties once again proved that de-facto there is a parliament which has nothing to do with the interests of the nation.

The Armenian authorities once again condemned their own nation to slavery in their own country through violence, money and fake charity.

Under the rightful flag we can reach our goal – the day that our ruined country will rise again. The rightful flag is the struggle for freedom and justice. People live and die for that flag. It is the only thing people are ready to die for if they are educated in that way.

Around 20 years ago we were ready to die for freedom of our country. We were ready to die because we had been educated that way.

Now we can only be intolerant towards our criminal authorities. We must start working, the right of living in a free and just country must cease to be the dream of individuals, it must be the dream of masses.

We declare to those who participated in the crime of the May 6 elections – you stayed behind in the darkness of dictatorship – a place you deserve. Farewell,” Postanjyan’s statement read.

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