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Turkish website calls to smash French MP Candidate

Turkish website calls to smash French MP CandidateJune 09, 2012 | 01:08

Turkish website Turquie News calls in French to smash French MP Candidate Francois Rochebloine for his membership to the parliamentary group of Armenian – French friendship. The website supports its opponent – Herve Raynaud, French paper Le Progres reports.

‘Completely in the hands of the most nationalistic Armenian groups’ this phrase is written under Rochebloine’s picture. The candidate does not digest the fact that his name along with the names of 22 colleagues from the French parliament are included in a list entitled ‘MPs who must be smashed’ published on the website. The reason is that they are members of the French – Armenian friendship parliamentary group and support the bill on criminalizing the denial of genocides.

“I consider such approach as very serious,” the MP says.

But he is most angered by the fact that his main opponent Harve Raynaud is in the list of ‘MPs who must be supported’.

“The masks have been removed: Mr. Raynaud received the votes of the Turkish community during the cantonal elections in 2011,” Francois Rochebloine announced. The head of the Turkish website did not answer to the questions of the French paper which were sent by e-mail.

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