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Armenian Church in Istanbul prevents Armenians’ unity?

Armenian Church in Istanbul prevents Armenians’ unity?June 12, 2012 | 00:04

ISTANBUL. – Constantinople Armenians had certain rights on national, religious, political meetings in the Ottoman Empire, however, their rights ceased as soon as the empire collapsed and current Republic of Turkey emerged.

Only Patriarchate has remained and whole power is in its hands, Agos newspaper editor-in-chief Rober Koptaş told Armenian and Turkish journalists.

“Turkey will become more democratic if the Armenian community can express will and resume former agencies. However, as the Patriarchate does not support the idea, Armenians face with difficulties. They have to settle two major problems, including unsettled issues with Turkey and issues inside the community. All these complicate the organizational skills inside the community and prevent Armenians from being presented in Turkey as one united ethnic group,” he said.

In response to Armenian News-NEWS.am question what prevents influential representatives of the community to take up the issue and establish a civil structure, Koptaş said that those people are used to act behind closed doors and not to be liable to the community.

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