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Girl, who killed Russian-Armenian rapper, is junkie, porn star

10:14, 11.06.2012 Region: Russia Theme: Incidents, Culture

The girl named Ekaterina (Katya), who killed well-known Russian-Armenian rapper Levon Papyan—who was known under the stage name of Lyova Twice—uses narcotics and provides escort services. These details were found out by social network users.   

Everything occurred in the evening of June 7 and in a Saint Petersburg apartment, where the rapper had gone to her girlfriend’s home. According to initial data, the two youth used alcohol and then an argument started. Subsequently, Ekaterina picked up a knife and stabbed his boyfriend in the heart.     

To note, Lyova used to mention Ekaterina many times in his songs, Komsomolskaya Pravda daily of Russia writes.  

The social network users had found a photograph in Ekaterina’s blog, where layers of cocaine and her hands can be seen.  

Furthermore, the rapper’s fans have found online photographs, where a girl who looks very much like Ekaterina is posing naked with porn stars. And an escort service agency catalogue notes that “model Katya Dorofeeva conducts escorting.”

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