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Armenia to face foreign challenges and political tremor – opposition MP

Armenia to face foreign challenges and political tremor – opposition MPJune 11, 2012 | 19:24

YEREVAN. – Armenia is to face foreign challenges and domestic-political tremor, opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) parliament group head Levon Zurabyan said.

“The recent military attacks by the Azerbaijani side on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border claimed human losses and jeopardized life of people living along the border. It is obvious that the military diversion is a special political message to Armenia and world community about Azerbaijani readiness to settle the conflict by force,” Zurabyan’s statement reads.

In addition, the statement stresses that “despite state-organized wide-range election frauds, distribution of bribe and threatening voters in Armenia, ANC has 7 MPs in the Parliament.”

“Resignation of the incumbent President Serzh Sargsyan, anti-monopoly legislature and development of competitive economy, disclosure of corruption deals by the authorities, return of deposits, granting amnesty to agricultural credits and securing human rights, democratic freedoms and social justice, these are issue the ANC will further deal with in the Parliament. Besides, the opposition bloc invites all the citizens to the Liberty Square on June 26 for a national rally,” Zurabyan’s statement reads.

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