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Chinese journalist showed sex toy claiming it is miracle mushroom (VIDEO)

June 20, 2012 | 23:14

A Chinese young journalist became famous after showing ‘a miracle mushroom’ during a local TV show. The mushroom strongly resembled a vagina. The young journalist conducted a self-initiated research and with the help of a local resident discovered the biological shape of the mushroom.

“The mushroom is very soft to touch and when you hold it, it seems to be a piece of flesh,” the young journalist said.

The girl came to the conclusion that the mushroom is another sort of the so called ‘mushroom of immorality’.

The program about the mushroom was broadcasted on Sunday, June 17. Right after watching the program many watchers called to the TV station answering what astonishing ‘mushroom’ they found, and others called to enlighten the workers of the television station, Daily Mail reports. In fact, the ‘miracle mushroom’ was a sex toy.

“Our journalist is so young and innocent” the TV company mildly explained matters.

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