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Mubarak receives new strike – media

Mubarak receives new strike – mediaJune 23, 2012 | 18:07

The health condition of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak worsened again. His wife Suzan Sabit as well as his daughters-in-law Heidi and Hadiga came to the hospital, RuFox informs linking at the Egyptian media informs.

As it was reported earlier, Mubarak was hospitalized to the military hospital from jail, as it was supposed he had got a brain strike. The Egyptian media spread information about the ex-president’s clinical death, but later on that information was denied.

To note, information on Mubarak’s health condition is very controversial. At first it was informed that he is in a coma, then came information that his condition has stabilized.

Yesterday Egyptian media reported that Mubarak’s heart stopped and reanimation measures do not give any results.

The official authorities of Egypt have not made any statements so far.

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