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PACE Co-Rapporteur corrects his statement on Armenia’s parliamentary elections

PACE Co-Rapporteur corrects his statement on Armenia’s parliamentary electionsJune 25, 2012 | 13:35

STRASBOURG. – Armenia’s May 6 National Assembly (NA) elections were again discussed during the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) summer session, which got underway Monday in Strasbourg, France.

Prior to the plenary session, however, the PACE Bureau convened a session during which PACE Co-Rapporteur on Azerbaijan, Andreas Herkel, denied the statement attributed to him.   

Head of PACE Armenian delegation Davit Harutyunyan told Armenian News-NEWS.am that a mistake was made in the minutes of the former Bureau.   

“It was noted that Herkel had allegedly witnessed multiple voting [during the NA elections]. Today he made a correction [and said] his words were misunderstood. He merely had said he did not witness multiple voting and direct violations, but he had expressed a concern that since the stamps worked improperly, this caused concern among some that there could be multiple voting,” noted Davit Harutyunyan, and added:       

“I believe a meeting will be held with [PACE President Jean-Claude] Mignon during the session. [And] Political discussions will be held on the Nagorno-Karabakh issue.”

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