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Opposition Armenian National Congress loses member

Opposition Armenian National Congress loses memberJuly 05, 2012 | 16:27

YEREVAN. – Davit Shahnazaryan left the opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) bloc, he told RFE/RL Armenian service on Thursday.

“I left the ANC central office in March before the e lections, and my political career in ANC is over,” Shahnazaryan said without telling the reason.

“As a result of the elections the picture of Armenia’s internal policy changed completely. Before the elections there was a bipolar political system in Armenia – the government was on one side and the opposition was on the other. After the elections a change occurred in the opposition pole where Prosperous Armenia Party took the place of ANC and is calling itself an alternative force.

Besides, Prosperous Armenia, which is standing on the top of the opposition pyramid has the same level of legitimacy as the Government or maybe a little bit lower as it gave out bribes in a much more coordinated manner than the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA),” Shahnazaryan mentioned.

Shahnazaryan comes to the conclusion that ‘today we do not have legitimate opposition in the country’.

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