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Armenian opposition condemns cynicism towards freedom fighters

Armenian opposition condemns cynicism towards freedom fightersJuly 09, 2012 | 20:03

YEREVAN. - The opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) has made an announcement regarding to the death of former freedom fighter, ANC Gyumri Branch activist Zhora Atoyan.

“Starting from 2009, Zhora Atoyan has been accused of submitting false documents to receive pension and a court case has been filed. Meanwhile, he had a contusion while fighting in Karabakh and this has been confirmed by relevant authorities. In fact, this long-lasting prosecution has been conditioned with his political views. The immoral government even dared to deprive him of medicine. Our heroes are of no value for the existing government if they appear in different political camps,” the announcement reads.

ANC extends its condolences to Atoyan’s family and relatives and deeply condemns the cynic attitude towards freedom fighters.

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