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Eight Armenians killed in Russia flood

Eight Armenians killed in Russia floodJuly 10, 2012 | 13:40

The number of Armenians killed in Russian flood has reached eight.

The list issued by the administration of Krymsk region of Krasnodar Krai contains five Armenian names: Susanna Boghokiyan, Zaven Dovdyan (born in 1968), Nina Ishoyeva, Kapustyan (name is not available) and Tatyana Medloyan.

As Armenian informed earlier, 19-year-old Shumiti Galstyan, Lydia Shahbazyan and Hovhannes Shahbazyan were listed among the victims. Thus, the flood claimed lives of eight Armenians.

The July 7 flood inundated close to 5,000 homes in the Krai’s three cities and several villages. The natural disaster claimed almost 180 lives and affected more than 12,000 people.

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