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Armenia exports 8,430 tons of apricot so far this year

Armenia exports 8,430 tons of apricot so far this yearJuly 10, 2012 | 15:44

YEREVAN. – Armenia’s Agriculture Minister Sergo Karapetyan on Tuesday held a consultation, with representatives from the country’s main fruit and vegetable exporting companies, to examine export-related matters. 

The discussants noted that exports are continuing in an organized fashion.

A total of 8,430 tons of apricot is exported from Armenia as of Tuesday, in the case when 7,031 tons were exported in entire 2011. The apricot exports are continuing and this volume will considerably grow by the end of the harvesting season.      

Also, the Minister invited the exporters’ attention on the fact that peaches likewise will be plenty in Armenia this year.   

And the exporters assured the Minister that everything will be done to export the specified volume of apricots and peaches alike.

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