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Presentation of Serj Tankian’s third album takes place in Burbank (VIDEO)

20:35, 10.07.2012 Region: World News Theme: Culture

BURBANK. – The presentation of Serj Tankian’s Harakiri third solo album took place in Burbank. The presentation took place at Records Boutique Store on Monday.

During the presentation Tankian answered to the questions of fans. Tanjian’s third solo album received a lot of feedback and reviews. In some of those it is described as a modern classic.

“It is revolutionary music in different levels. Once it hits on July 10, 2012, rock‘n’ roll may never be the same,” an article about the album says.

To note, Tankian’s first album ‘Elect the Dead’ was released in 2007 followed by ‘Imperfect Harmonies’ in 2010.

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