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Armenia’s Ararat Valley is irrigated with sewage water – newspaper

09:35, 14.07.2012 Region: Armenia Theme: Economics, Society

YEREVAN. – Some plots of land in Armenia’s Ararat Valley are being irrigated with sewage water, Hayatsk daily writes. 

“The sewage water flows into the irrigation water from Armavir and Metsamor cities. 

‘If other people had eaten the vegetables grown in those lands, they would have acquired numerous diseases. But we are a people of God; nothing happens to us,’ stated an environmentalist who wished to remain anonymous.      

According to him, the Metsamor River, which can be considered as the permanent source for nourishing a significant part of the lands of the Ararat Valley, has virtually dried out. The Sevjur Rivulet, which is nourished from [the] Metsamor [River], likewise has dried out. Instead, sewage water flows through them and is pushed toward the gardens and vegetable gardens through pumping stations.           

The problem’s solution assumes enormous financial resources. The authorities link the realistic options for a solution with the new nuclear power plant [NPP] being built. There is a plan that, together with the start of the NPP’s construction, a [water] purification station will be built, too,” Hayatsk writes.

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