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Film about Armenian Genocide should be made - Agnieszka Holland

Film about Armenian Genocide should be made - Agnieszka HollandJuly 14, 2012 | 17:03

YEREVAN.- A new profound film about Armenian Genocide, reflecting the essence of the tragedy, should be shot, Polish director Agnieszka Holland said in Yerevan.

Agnieszka Holland is among the guests of honor of the 9th Golden Apricot International Film Festival.

“You must struggle for truth,” she said at a press conference, adding that many political topics were reflected in the western cinema.

The director said many western intellectuals, well-educated people have poor knowledge of the 30s, 40s, 50s developments in the Soviet Union. Cinema is to blame for it as the topic was not well reflected in the films.

“I am shooting films not for money. I am still surprised that I am paid for thing I love to do,” Holland emphasized.

The director confessed she never plans where she would make a film.

“I may spend a year in Yerevan, I never rule out anything,” she added.

In Yerevan Agnieszka Holland will be awarded “Parajanov’s Thaler” for lifetime achievement. The prize is a silver copy of one of director’s coins.

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