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Antismoking flash mob to be held in Yerevan

Antismoking flash mob to be held in YerevanJuly 17, 2012 | 17:26

YEREVAN. – An antismoking event will be held in Armenia’s capital city Yerevan, on July 29 at 4pm. 

“Simply a good mood and morale is needed, and everyone [who gathers] must bring along paper planes—at least ten, per person. The planes must have a mini letter written on the dangers and consequences of smoking.

Eight of the ten planes will be given to smokers and the [remaining] two will be used later. We will throw the remaining planes into the air at a certain time and a certain place.  

We are hopeful that those—smokers—who pick them up and read the message will quit smoking. Hence, we can help many to change their lives, and we will have great fun!

The program’s second part will take place in the evening, near the singing water fountains. [And] Large-scare dances will start at a certain time. May the city have fun!”, the event organizers’ respective statement reads in particular.

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