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New details are ascertained on 76-year-old woman’s strangling to death in Yerevan

New details are ascertained on 76-year-old woman’s strangling to death in YerevanJuly 21, 2012 | 11:54

YEREVAN. – Armenia’s Police publicized new details with respect to a 76-year-old woman being straggled to death on July 2 and subsequently taken to Nor Kharberd village.  

To note, the police officers had detained Samvel Gasparyan, 51, at a capital city Yerevan street intersection on July 16, on suspicion of killing Goharik Gasparyan, 76, who was declared missing since July 2.

It was found out that Samvel Gasparyan strangled Goharik Gasparyan to death, during an argument on July 2 at a Yerevan apartment which he was renting, he subsequently placed the dead body into a metal barrel and took it to a Nor Kharberd village home, which he had rented earlier.     

The metal barrel, with Goharik Gasparyan’s body inside, was found in the cellar of the village home which Samvel Gasparyan pointed to.   

And as a result of the search conducted at the rented home on Thursday, an air pistol and steel pellets were found inside the living room’s armchair.   

The pistol is sent for an examination and the investigation is still in progress.

According to some information, debt and demand matters were the cause for the murder. And even though the victim and the murderer have the same surname, they are not related.

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