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Armenian MP agrees his son to be punished if proved

13:28, 21.07.2012 Region: Armenia Theme: Society, Incidents

ARMAVIR. – Ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) MP Nahapet Gevorgyan claims if his son has done anything bad, he should be punished, he told Armenian on Saturday. The MP’s comments came after his son Artak Gevorgyan’s scandalous incident and arrest.

As was informed earlier, Virab A., 25, called the Police, on Wednesday at 3:35am, and informed that an unidentified person had stolen his VAZ 2106 vehicle at gunpoint.

And the operative team, which was dispatched to the scene, found out that Artak Gevorgyan, 30, had gotten out of the GAZ 24, which he was driving in Sardarapat village of the Armavir Region, on the same day at around 3:30, stopped Virab A.’s VAZ 2106 at gunpoint, made him and his passenger get out of the car, and subsequently left the GAZ 24 and driven away with the VAZ 2106.

On the same day, the law enforcement officers conducted a search at a capital city Yerevan apartment belonging to Gevorgyan, at 8:30pm, where an air pistol was discovered underneath the kitchen sofa.  The MP claimed that the pistol is just a toy. Its registration is being checked.

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