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Dividing Syria to lead to splitting Iran – expert

Dividing Syria to lead to splitting Iran – expertJuly 21, 2012 | 15:33

YEREVAN. – Situation in Syria claims that it is targeted to Iran, expert Armen Petrosyan said at a press conference on Saturday adding Iran has to smoothen the situation inside the state as much as possible in order those irregularities could not have been used by the external powers like in Syria later.

“If civil conflict escalates into religious one in Syria, the region will appear in a disastrous situation,” Petrosyan said.

The other participant of the press conference, expert Sargis Grigoryan said that Iran is actively supporting the Syrian authorities indirectly and unofficially.

In request to the Armenian correspondent to comment on the Iran’s Speaker Ali Larijani’s statement regarding attacking Israel in case the U.S. attacks Syria, Grigoryan said that Syria will not be attacked in the near future.

Israel is the closest ally of the U.S. in the region, thus, the statement was quite logical, he added.

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