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Google marks Amelia Earhart’s birthday

09:54, 24.07.2012 Region: World News

Amelia Earhart, who was one of the world’s first female pilots, would have turned 115 years old on Tuesday, July 24, 2012. And Google’s homepage doodle for Tuesday is devoted to her.

This time the search engine giant’s homepage is replaced by a Lockheed Vega plane, with which Earhart conducted her first transatlantic solo flight. The female pilot is standing on the side of the plane and Google’s letters are written underneath the wings of the aircraft.   

In May 1937, Amelia Earhart had set out on a world flight with a Lockheed Electra. But contact was lost with her in June, and an unprecedented search activity began in an attempt to find her. But she could not be found, and she was declared dead in 1939.   

Numerous researchers believe the Lockheed Electra had run out of fuel and fell into the ocean.

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