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Armenian beer can be found in Poland and Sweden as well

Armenian beer can be found in Poland and Sweden as wellJuly 28, 2012 | 16:09

YEREVAN. – A total of US$ 997,000-worth of beer was exported from Armenia in January-June 2012, which is approximately 17 percent more as compared with the same time period last year.  

According to the State Revenue Committee data, Armenia exported a small quantity of beer to Poland (17,400 liters) and Sweden (10,100 liters), too. And exports to Russia have increased considerably and made up 751,000-1,015,000 liters, or $712,000-$916,000.  

And in an interview with Armenian, capital city Yerevan Beer Company Director Ashot Baghdasaryan confirmed this information.

“We carried out some activities toward entering those markets and were able to export beer there, but with a small quantity, for now,” stated Baghdasaryan, and added:

“[And] With respect to Russia, the export there is growing, our product is expanding.” 

According to him, the Company plans to increase export by 30-40 percent within the current year.

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