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Prosperous Armenia: Gagik Tsarukyan is not an oligarch

Prosperous Armenia: Gagik Tsarukyan is not an oligarchAugust 02, 2012 | 12:59

YEREVAN.- Prosperous Armenia Party MP Tigran Ulikhanyan does not want to see people persecuted for their political views in Armenia. But if someone breaks the law, he/she must be punished, Ulikhanyan told reporters on Thursday commenting on the verdict of opposition activists.

The court cast the verdict for the four activists of the opposition Armenian National Congress bloc on July 20.

Asked whether Prosperous Armenia is ready to support the Set Free Congress Youth initiative, MP said his party always protects public interests. He said Prosperous Armenia would support the initiative if it is formed by civil society, not certain organizations pursuing their own interests.

As to the question whether Prosperous Armenia leader Gagik Tsarukyan is an oligarch, Ulikhanyan replied “I advise that you should read the explanation in the dictionary. Why are you asking? Is it because the explanation contradicts the image, responsibilities and actions of the mentioned person?”     

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