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Serj Tankian addresses problem of Teghut forest

13:10, 09.08.2012 Region: World News, Armenia, Diaspora Theme: Society

Serj Tankian released a video address calling to protect Teghut forest.

“During my first visit to Armenia in 2011I visited the Lori Region. I saw its natural beauty and towering forest that was still standing. In last two years a lot has changed. As it turns out Teghut forest, one of the last and best preserved forests in Armenia, is endangered being almost completely chopped down,” he said.

Tankian spoke about an open mining site which may be created there and will unleash about 500 million high toxic waste. He said the region is favorable for agriculture and the businessmen should examine geology with the respect of agriculture instead of precious metals.

Finally, Tankian called to join the Save Teghut environmental movement.

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