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Chief security of former Armenian police head died

22:21, 18.08.2012 Region: Armenia Theme: Politics, Society, Incidents

YEREVAN. - Suren Sirunyan, chief security of former Armenian police head Vano Siradeghyan died of heart attack. He was 41.

Sirunyan worked as a chief security of former Armenian police head for years. After the decision of Armenia's First President Levon Ter-Petrosyan to run for presidential nomination again in 2008, Sirunyan actively participated in his campaign but later has been arrested and imprisoned. A few years ago Sirunyan left oppositional Armenian National Congress and participated in parliamentary elections in Armenia in 2012 as an independent candidate. 

Last month during a press-conference Sirunyan told reporters that his former boss, former Armenian Interior Minister Vano Siradeghyan left Armenia back in April 2000 and he was the last person to see Siradeghyan, who is wanted by Interpol on assassination charges.

Rumors about return of the former minister to Armenia have been recently spread via Facebook. An initiative supporting his return was created by users. Sirunyan believed the initiative “will yield results as there is demand”.

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