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No bird flu in Armenia

No bird flu in ArmeniaAugust 20, 2012 | 18:13

YEREVAN. – There is no flu pandemic, let alone the bird flu, specialist of the state hygienic and anti-epidemic department at the Armenian Health Ministry Liana Torosyan told Armenian dismissing the bird flu rumors spread via social networks.

“First of all we received no reports by the Ministry of Agriculture, secondly there are no reports on died birds, and thirdly the Healthcare Ministry has no vaccine against bird flu, it has not imported and actually there is no need to,” she said. 

The expert also rejected the rumors that the population above 26 in Armenia’s Lusakert village is being vaccinated.

To note, the rumors spread in the social networks claimed that all the residents above 26 in Armenia’s Lusakert village are being vaccinated against the bird flu. The rumor has it that the vaccination is free, while the village residents are concerned and do not want to be vaccinated.

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