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Botulism poisoning registered in Armenia and Artsakh

Botulism poisoning registered in Armenia and ArtsakhJanuary 29, 2013 | 19:19

YEREVAN. – Total of 6 people in Armenia’s Ararat Region was hospitalized due to food poisoning. As a result of the diagnosis analyzes, they got poisoned by butane in canned vegetables prepared at home.

After consuming the can, signs of botulism appeared at the people, including weakness, headache, difficulties of swallowing.

Another case of poisoning was registered in Artsakh [Nagorno-Karabakh] with fatal end. A Saratak village resident Georgiy Sargsyan, 65, consumed canned red pepper on Jan. 17, next day he felt bad and was hospitalized. However, his health deteriorated and he was transferred to Yerevan on Jan. 25, where he died the following day. 

Armenian Ministry of Healthcare again warns the citizens to avoid consuming canned food, prepared at home.

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