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Armenians of Facebook

22:40, 14.12.2010 Region: World News, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey Theme: Society, Innovations

According to the site Socialbakers.com, the number of Facebook registerations in the site over the past six months, Armenia is at 124th place with the number of 103,640users.

 The top ten:

1. U.S. -146, 805,000

2. Indonesia -31,784,080

3. UK -28,820,660

4. Turkey- 24143980

5. France -20,469,420

6. Philippines- 18,901,900

7. Mexico -18,363,160

8. Italy -17,812,800

9. Canada 17,522,780

10. India 16,915,900

As reported ittrend.am, Azerbaijan is in 95th place - they have 271,640 users. Georgia is at 86th - 416,560 users. Russia is 31st - 3,116,360 users. It is possible that the ability to add contacts from “vkontakte” will create a large increase in users from Russia, which is already among the ten most actively adding in numbers.

Demographic indicators of users from Armenia: most users aged 18 to 24 years. Women are at 55% of the total number of users.

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