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Tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan increased in 2010

00:48, 29.12.2010 Region: Armenia, Karabakh, Azerbaijan, Russia Theme: Politics

The South Caucasus faced no crucial changes in 2010, Alexander Khramchikhin, Head of the Analytical Department, Moscow-based Institute for Political and Military Analysis (IPMA), told

“Tension increased to some extent between Armenia and Azerbaijan, while Saakashivili strengthened his positions in Georgia,” he said.

As to expectations from 2011, the expert deems that unless war starts in the Karabakh conflict zone, no changes and developments should be expected.

The Russian expert wished Armenian people all the best. He also wished Armenia to remain Russia’s ally.

Alexander Khramchikhin dos not believe in Santa Claus, but if he did he would ask changes in Russia’s domestic policy.


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