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Karabakh peace process will not work without us - Karabakh MFA

22:11, 21.06.2011 Region: Karabakh, Azerbaijan Theme: Politics

STEPANAKERT. - Although Nagorno-Karabachos (Artsakh) does not participate in current stage of conflict settlement, Karabakh authorities are minutely informed about all proceedings, said Karabakh FM Georgi Petrosyan.

Asked why Nagorno-Karabakh does not participate in negotiation process, Petrosyan said that the reason is not in Armenia’s or Azerbaijan’s standing on the matter, it is rather the mediators’ opinion that two negotiators will agree faster than three sides.

Petrosyan emphasized that without Karabakh nothing will work out, reports Radio Liberty.

“They can destroy us, but they cannot decide without us. Hence they will have to tell us they want to destroy us, but they will have put it boldly,” he stressed. “If they are ready, so are we.”

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